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Your focus is health care. Our focus is YOU.

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Legal Advice & Representation

We offer legal advice and representation in various matters that healthcare professionals and organizations face.  Whether it's reviewing your new employment agreement and providing edits favorable to you, or evaluating whether a business opportunity has Stark or Anti-kickback implications, or if you need defense counsel for a disciplinary action or audit hearing, we've got you covered. And, if you want the security of picking up the phone to speak to your contracted general counsel for day-to-day issues, we've got that covered too.


Compliance Consulting

In today's highly regulated healthcare industry, providers must implement and maintain policies and procedures to ensure that their operations are in accordance with various laws. In their efforts do so, we assist clients with developing and improving and maintaining their general and HIPAA compliance programs.


Dispute Resolution

Some conflicts can be and should be resolved outside of court or without proceeding to trial. The dispute resolution process allows parties to avoid the cost of litigation and the ability to resolve matters in a timely manner.  Having experience in representing clients in on both sides of the table, we can assist conflicting parties with understanding one another's perspectives, drilling down the relevant issues, and coming to a resolution so that everyone can move forward.

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