In today's highly regulated healthcare industry, healthcare professionals must stay abreast of all applicable laws, rules, and regulations in order to stay in compliance. And, in order to stay in compliance, you must be proactive versus reactive when it comes to meeting applicable federal and state requirements. 


  • Does your organization have a compliance program in place as required by the ACA (Affordable Care Act)?

  • Are you in compliance with HIPAA and state privacy requirements?

  • Are you properly documenting Medicaid services provided to your patients/clients?


If you answered, "No" or "I don't know" to any of the above questions, our subsidiary, TDLF Healthcare Compliance Consulting Group, LLC can assist you with your compliance needs.


As attorneys and consultants with knowledge and resource bases for healthcare and healthcare privacy compliance, TDLF Healthcare Compliance Consulting Group, LLC can help you build and improve your regulatory compliance plans, perform regulatory compliance audits, monitor your programs' effectiveness, interpret and translate various healthcare laws into layman's terms, and develop policies and procedures in order to facilitate compliance with those laws.


So, where The DuBose Law Firm, LLC provides reactive services in defending you against allegations of violating

your profession's standards or rules of conduct or failing to abide by federal or state law, TDLF Healthcare Compliance Consulting Group, LLC offers proactive healthcare compliance consulting services that minimize your or your company's risk of disciplinary actions or sanctions by your licensure board or the federal or state government. 


TDLF Healthcare Compliance Consulting Group, LLC's services include:


  • Medicaid Provider Agreement Requirement Education and Training

  • General Healthcare Compliance Program/Plan Development

  • Healthcare Privacy (HIPAA) Compliance Program/Plan Development

  • Compliance Program Auditing and Monitoring

  • Policy and Procedure Development and Reviews

  • Compliance Training for Workforce Members

  • Compliance Hotline Services

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Compliance Officer Staffing (Independent Contractor)

  • Regulatory Updates


Call us at (614) 398-1788 to schedule an appointment with a TDLF Healthcare Compliance Consulting Group, LLC representative to discuss your compliance needs.




***Legal services provided by The DuBose Law Firm, LLC are separate and apart from consulting services offered by its affiliate, TDLF Healthcare Compliance Consulting Group, LLC. TDLF Healthcare Compliance Consulting Group , LLC does NOT provide legal services and does NOT provide the protections of the attorney-client relationship. You are NOT required to engage either service as a condition of engaging the other.  If you hire TDLF Healthcare Compliance Consulting Group, LLC and need legal services, you are NOT obligated in any way to hire The DuBose Law Firm, LLC.  However, if you choose to do so, legal services provided by The DuBose Law Firm, LLC and compliance consulting services provided by TDLF Healthcare Compliance Consulting Group, LLC are performed under separate engagement and fee agreements.***

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