"My experience with The DuBose Law Firm, LLC was exceptional. Ms. DuBose thoroughly evaluated my contracts and her research was in depth. She also took ample time to explain, in depth, the nuances of my contracts. I felt very confident in my final job decision and I have The DuBose Law Firm, LLC to thank for that."


Paa-Kofi Obeng, D.O., MPH

Internal Medicine




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"I highly recommend The DuBose Law Firm, LLC!  Ms. DuBose gave her valuable legal expertise to assist me in negotiating my first contract for employment as an attending physician. She helped me develop confidence in the employment offer and her detailed edits, elevated my understanding of the art of contract negotiation. The quality of her legal service is key for a young physician to secure the ideal practice opportunity and jump start a career in healthcare. You can rest easy The DuBose Law Firm has your back!"

Kyauna S. Miller, MD
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics

"When I was employed by the State of Ohio, I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Shakeba DuBose on a number a number of occasions. It was a pleasure to work with Ms. DuBose because she was very professional and also made sure her clients were well prepared. When Ms. DuBose was assigned to work with me, I was confident that she would get the job done most effectively. Ms. DuBose brings thoroughness in her approach and is top notch in her skills as an attorney."


Rosemary Walton

Retired Provider Compliance Manager

Ohio Department of Job & Family Services



"As the founder of a new health care consulting firm, I required considerable legal advice. Upon conferring with The DuBose Law Firm, I was provided with comprehensive and valuable counsel. Ms. DuBose was thorough, supportive and insightful. Her advice provided the foundation for my organization's successful launch. I highly recommend The DuBose Law Firm." 


Sharon R. Williams, CEO

Williams Jaxon Consulting, LLC